Let's Agree



The goal of Let's Agree is to facilitate decision-making and the creation of standardized data management and sharing policies. Essentially, the application helps determine two key aspects of data sharing:


  • Governance Artifacts

    These artifacts determine the constraints prior to sharing. They allow imposing transformation activities as well as checklists on the datasets to ensure that the state of the data is compatible with sharing before the data is released.
  • License Artifacts

    These artifacts determine the rights and obligations imposed on data consumers. While governance artifacts are typically activated and imposed before sharing, licensing artifacts are typically activated at the time of and after sharing. They are manifested in different ways:
    • In the form of a contract presented to the user when subscribing to the corresponding data stream and which must be accepted in order to access the dataset synchronization,
    • In the form of logical limitations in the Commons application to prevent or control re-sharing of the originally accessed dataset or sharing of a work derived from it.


Both types of artifacts have the potential to send meta-constraints to Commons and affect its behavior. Depending on the case, it is the user's or the owner's Commons instance that is affected. The goal is not to complicate the use of Commons but to ensure that the rules determined on Let's Agree are respected and applied.